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Amimao Tonkinese is located in Southern California and is registered with the prestigious Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) since 1996.  I have bred and showed Tonkinese exclusively with the CFA over the last 20 years.  

My goal is to produce Tonkinese that meet the CFA breed standard with elegance, health and temperament from National Win, Regional Win and Grand Champion bloodlines.


I am the  member of CFA Tonkinese Breed Council and Tonkinese Breed Association.


I also have achieved CFA's Cattery of Distinction - Tier Level 2 Superior produced Grand Champions and Grand Premiers, and 3 Distinguished Merits.


The Tonkinese are playful, intelligent and affectionate.  They are very social and love to be near humans.  They make a good companion for children and adult, and they get along very well with other cats and dogs.

Tonkinese cats come in four colors - platinum, champagne, blue and natural -- and three coat patterns -- mink, pointed and solid.  Mink coat Tonkinese have aqua eyes which is the distinguishing feature of this coat pattern.  Pointed coat pattern Tonkinese have blue eyes and solid coat pattern have green eyes.

Regardless of the variety of color or coat pattern, the Tonkinese all have the same charming personality to be loved.

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Natural Mink , Platinum Mink, Blue Mink and Champagne Mink
Natural Mink , Platinum Mink, Blue Mink and Champagne Mink

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